The Impact

Kristina Fryson, MSW, LSW, CTT

I have known Danielle for years and didn’t know the full extent of what she was experiencing and courageously fighting through. As a licensed mental health clinician and a certified trauma therapist, I have seen how physical ailments and pain can affect the brain and I have diagnosed with stories like Danielle with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). You don’t have to go to war to have this diagnosis. Medical issues can affect how you live and function causing not only physical pain but emotional turmoil. Danielle gives the reader a raw and detailed account of how physical health can impact all areas of your life. She provides a glimpse into how women of color and their pain is often ignored and/or goes unnoticed. It is so important that doctors and hospitals are not only listening to patients but referring them to get help with their emotional pain. Just like you need medical treatment for physical ailments the brain needs to be treated when trauma occurs such as in Danielle’s story of living through the emotional pain when your body is not functioning properly. clients

Wright takes the reader on a journey filled with so much raw emotion and openness that you find yourself feeling many of the emotions along with her, as if you were one of her closest friends, sharing every intimate detail as they unfolded. A powerful testimony of strength and courage, even through an account where she is often more vulnerable than self-assured, where her unanswered questions compel the reader to search for the answers to make it all better. Her triumph in the end is all of ours -- and a reminder that God is able and He cares. 

Autumn Arnett, Educator

The guidance, the teaching, the experience ...

Micah Poole
Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

The Wright Way Workbook is informative, thought-provoking and detailed. The workbook cleared up any uncertainty that I had about my entrepreneurial venture. It informed me of my limitations and showed me the direction that I should take to be successful. If you do not have this workbook, I highly recommend getting it!

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