A finalist on the CENTRIC and BET reality series Queen Boss, Lucinda Cross is the author of 4 Amazon Best Selling books, a TEDx speaker, and media personality. Founder of Activate WorldWide Inc. Lucinda’s books, TEDx talks, television and radio appearances teach entrepreneurial women and at-risk youth the foundations of living an extraordinary life against all odds.

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Elizabeth Correia is the founder of D.e.v.a. in You Group, an author and public speaker. From pain to purpose, Elizabeth Correia shares her story by delivering motivational lectures on her journey through healing; emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. She brings her audience a unique perspective on issues many of them face each day.

Jonathan Jones is a public speaker and author whose work is dedicated to helping Millennials live their best lives right now while pursuing entrepreneurship. His "Millennial Minute" is a weekly video series that covers various topics and situations to help hi target audience unlearn, rethink and redo what they learned in the past.

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Kristen L. Pope hosts "The PositiveControversy," a web series  that balances educating and entertaining viewers through socially relevant topics. Tune in for a dose of healthy conversation in every episode!

Face of Darkness Documentary trailer produced by Squeaky Moore, Kenneth "KT" Nelson, and Terrie M. Williams.


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Kristen L. Pope
Owner, Pope Productions

Danielle and her team came on board my team during a very critical time. We were launching three components of my business at the same time. Strategy, long hours, quick thinking and fast responses were all necessary. Wright Relations provided all of this. Danielle is an awesome support system under pressure and someone you get to bounce ideas off of. She owns all projects she takes and does a good job of sharing the load. I'm honored to work with Wright Relations.

Taja Riley
Mental Health Professional, Entrepreneur, Author

I have had the pleasure of working with Danielle on two of my websites and she delivered both times. I really appreciate her attention to detail and ability to really help me see how to market my brand. Whenever I had issues with my sites after she created them she was always available to help me troubleshoot or assist with updates. 


She is very experienced with public relations and markering. She assisted me with strategies on how to market to my target audience and make my social media pages more appealing. I am thankful for the opportunity I had to work with her because she really helped me take my businesses to the next level. I would highly recommend her.

Joy Harris-Edwards 

Mental Health Profession

I had a great experience. I allowed Danielle to have creative liberty to create business brochures for three companies (among other things). The design was professional and concise. She displayed great patience with me and my multiple changes to wording (which I wrote). When I sent the brochures to the printer he raves about how perfectly aligned the brochures were concerning bleed and fold line. He stated that was “rare” and “whoever did your graphics work knows what they are doing!” I also had a media kit designed by Danielle. She created the design and wrote the narrative. It was also professionally done and was used to generate many opportunities for me to travel the U.S. speaking. With that being said, I highly recommend Wright Relations.

Squeaky Moore
Author, Content Creator, Producer

Wright Relations has worked with me in different capacities. They helped bring my fundraiser to life through marketing, public relations and branding. Danielle's team worked on our social media calendar by creating thematic posts on a daily basis in conjunction with our themes and helped us develop goals (inspire, motivate, educate, and growing visibility). They wrote press releases, media alerts and scheduled interviews. The result - we launched a successful mental health campaign with our promo video reaching 13k views, over 300 people at our fundraiser and sponsors due to the verbiage written by Wright Relations. Danielle also recently wrote the press release for my book tour after helping me narrow down key branding terminology to reach my goals.

Chad Higgins
Recording Artist, Worship Director

I'm very impressed with the professionalism and drive Wright Relations displays for their clients. They work hard to create exposure and opportunities their clients otherwise would not have.

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